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Friday, September 29

6:30am AKDT

7:30am AKDT

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10:45am AKDT

Using Children's Literature to Guide Science Inquiry - NSTA Press Lathrop LibraryKim Ivie • Kim Stilwell EdTech Roundup: 3 Interactive Tools for Teachers Lathrop 222Mariko Kinikin Google Classroom & Google Apps Working Together Ryan 211/212Christina Hum Mighty Morphing Power Roots! Using Generative Vocabulary Instruction in the Disciplines Lathrop Rm 172Gwynne Ellen Ash Read & Write for Google Chrome Lathrop 205Misha Gelvin Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First: Self-Care for the Whole Teacher Lathrop 232Carrie Heimer World Peace Game Lathrop 156Shane Wiegand Your class of scientists- A Grouse and ptarmigan citizen science project Ryan 116Heather McFarland • Mike Taras • Alaska Department of Fish and Game Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education- How to become an aerospace educator and receive free STEM kits Lathrop 223Ute Kaden Classcraft: A Gamification Approach to Classroom Management, Learning Management Systems, & Personal Learning Lathrop 203Coby Haas Clearing The Path To School Success for Students in Transition Lathrop 217Leona McDaniels Concussions and How to Work with Students with Them Lathrop 216Dr. Jennifer Malcolm Connecting STEM and Careers in K-8 Classrooms Lathrop 245Heath Baker • Kristie Controneo • Cheryl Bobo Five Instructional Shifts for Supporting Rigorous Standards Ryan Rm 40Dr. Juli Dixon, Alex and Jessica Dixon Growing Mathematical Minds Lathrop 139Elizabeth Kane • Joanna Mackey How to make good decisions about Digital Content Ryan 219/220Scott Johns Learn to run a Mystery Skype! Lathrop 103Alex Otto Making sense of Math- Reasoning and Discourse from Math Solutions - Part 1 Ryan 221Cheryl Johnson Pearson Realize - Beginner Training Session Lathrop 104Anne Susen Reaching Parents and Students Through SeeSaw and Remind Lathrop 105Benedict Cabasal RethinkEd for Paraprofessionals Ryan 110Pat Turner RethinkEd Introduction for Teachers Ryan 112Pat Turner Rock the House Lathrop GymCrissy Lauterbach Save Time Grading and Focus More on Results with GradeCam Lathrop 155Gail O'Malley (GradeCam) Three Dimensional aspect of the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) Lathrop 106David Crowther Using Grinnell Journals as An Analytical Tool for Assessing STEM to STEAM Student Learning Lathrop 154Janice Dawe Using Hybridge to Support Students in Reaching Goals Lathrop 107Ginger Egan • Jon Keith Dealing with Difficult Students Ryan 118Lori Swanson Neuroplasticity: The Science of Growth Mindset Lathrop 206Courtney Havrilek Using Plickers In Your Elementary Counseling Program Lathrop 108Samantha McMorrow Arrr! It's /R/ Therapy, Part 1 Lathrop 240Kate Hall Incorporating the Pedagogy of Debating into Any Classroom Ryan 121Steven Johnson Scaffolds and supports: Distinguish & Leverage Scaffolds, Supports, Tools & Resources to support diverse learners/ELL/SPED Lathrop 207Elaine Crawley Studysync Blended ELA Instruction, For Beginning Users and the Curious Lathrop 233Karen Iris Sweet Search Ryan 210Cindy Apodaca • Jessica Tonnies Bridging Traditions from the Alaskan Arctic to the Mississippi Delta Lathrop 109Heidi Imhof • Kelly Scanlon Creating Standards-based assessments in Math through Edify Lathrop 225Charles Dorrel Covering the Bases; Cooperative Teaming at The High School Level Lathrop 226Jessi Felice • Laura Reiske Creating a digital/physical classroom Lathrop 224Carolyn Mousseau Music, Movement, and Motivation Lathrop Rm 171Rowan Beraza Myth busting online learning Lathrop 169Daniel Darrow • Sean Holland Using the Area Model to Teach Multiplying, Factoring, and Division of Polynomials OR Long Division: It’s Not Synthetic Any More. Lathrop 227Darrell Trussell Using Yeast Beads to Investigate Factors affecting Enzymes Lathrop 214Kris Stone (PREK/K Focus) The Power of Dialogical Reading and STEAM-Focused Picture Books in the Classroom and at Home Ryan 439Dana Garies Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade Ryan 119/120Karen Melin Experiential Learning through Science, Art, and Story Ryan 440Abigail Van Patter Picture MORE fun! Lathrop 153Cherie Stihler Power to the Little People: Literacy, Independence, Critical Thinking Hering AuditorumKristin Ziemke

11:00am AKDT

11:30am AKDT

12:00pm AKDT

12:15pm AKDT

1:30pm AKDT

COLLABORATION CAFE: CRITICAL THINKERS/PROBLEM SOLVERSLIMITED Ryan CommonsJoanne Gilman • Education Elements COLLABORATION CAFE: PERSONALIZED LEARNINGFULL Ryan CommonsGwynne Ellen Ash • Education Elements COLLABORATION CAFE: PERSONALIZED LEARNINGLIMITED Ryan CommonsKristin Ziemke • Education Elements COLLABORATION CAFE: TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATIONFULL Ryan CommonsChristina Hum • Education Elements TimeClock Plus (TCP) Training for Fairbanks Non-SPED related Classified Staff Lathrop Mat RoomKathy Port Mystery Science Lathrop 215Susie Brainard • Tiffany Oberle Drama Integration Lathrop Rm 172Sarah Finnell Making Every Classroom a Maker Space Ryan 37Glenn Gordon Math & CTE: Cross curricular integration Lathrop 103Deborah Riddle Redefining Success: Supporting All Students to Reach Their Full Potential Ryan Rm 40Alex Dixon • Jessica Dixon • Dr. Juli Dixon, Alex and Jessica Dixon Hands on Alaska Focus Geo STEM Lathrop 218Maite Agopian Rating Content in Books & Materials: Censorship or Guidance Lathrop Rm 171Pat Scales Best Ever Literacy Survival Tips: 25 Lessons You Can’t Live Without! Lathrop LibraryLori Oczkus Using Dog Mushing as a Teaching Tool Ryan 118Aliy Zirkle Treatment Approaches for Improving Vocabulary in Children with Language Disorders Lathrop 240Kate Hall Coaching A Successful MathCounts Team Lathrop 221Cheryl Dow • Nicole Millam Hands-on Equations Math Program Lathrop 200Carol Cologie Printmaking Your GEMDAS: Operations as Art Ryan 439Ben Bragonier Communicating Math Instruction Changes to Parents Lathrop 207Tara DeVaughn Introduction To and Navigating Project Based Learning Ryan 119/120Charles Beattie LearnSmart, and the Features of an Adaptive Textbook Lathrop 104Texas Gail Raymond Maximizing student safety to increase classroom learning Lathrop 105Nick Schumacher Connecting the Dots for Interdisciplinary Learning: Teaching Across the Curriculum for Fun and Relevance Lathrop 205Mary Jackson Educators Rising - ACTFL Pilot Project Lathrop 233Bridget Yaden What Does Good Teaching Look Like? Hering AuditorumRon Clark Daily 5 in the Primary Grades Ryan 211/212Sarah King Exploring the World of Creative Nonfiction Books with Author Debbie S. Miller Lathrop 106Debbie S. Miller Integrating National Park Service On-line Resources to Meet Next Generation Science Standards and State American History Standards Lathrop 107Patty Brown Play Like a Pirate - Serious learning can be seriously FUN! Lathrop 109Nicholas Hoy Great Games Lead to Great Gains 3-5 Lathrop 110Mr. Craig Willmore Enliven Math and NGSS Science Instruction using iPads, Science/Math Notebooks Lathrop 226Jessica Iglesias • Manda Kassel Let's Visit Mars! Lathrop 225Susan Smith Blended Learning in the 21st Century Classroom Lathrop 227James Allen Creative Problem Solving Across the Curriculum Lathrop 217Colleen Smith Hoofin’ it after wildlife-Tracking and counting Alaska Wildlife Ryan 116Heather McFarland • Mike Taras • Alaska Department of Fish and Game Art and the Cosmic Connection! Empower Science through Art! Ryan 442Dr. Karen C. Roark Creating a Collaborative Community of Music Educators Lathrop 153Kendi Lesley Creating Spaces for Active and Engaged Reading Across the Content Areas Lathrop 140Lisa Richardson Free Interactive Science Lessons for All Grades Lathrop 216Ronald Metzner How to use objects, art, and photographs to enhance science and language learning and skills Ryan 440Grace Graham Integrating the C3 Framework into the Social Studies Classroom Lathrop 139Anne Susen LAMP Words For Life: Vocabulary Review & Practice Lathrop 155Ellen Axmear Math Workshop Lathrop 201Jennifer Lempp Opening Up Communication Channels about Geoscience in Alaska: Citizen Science and Education and Outreach Opportunities Lathrop 245Jennifer Athey Social Skills Curricula for ALL Students Ryan 112Pat Turner Learning Through Cultural Connections: The Northern Lights Ryan LibraryLori Schoening, Lynda McGilvary, Doreen Hayward Code That! Lathrop 169Eric Rush Extended Learning Program services: Personalized Learning Strategies within an Enrichment model Ryan 121Amy Noon Nearpod - classroom tool for teachers to engage students with interactive lessons. Lathrop 222Jon Keith Filling in the Potholes for Easy Traveling Through a Year of Mathematics Lathrop 154Penny Williams Diagramming Sentences- Not Just for Nuns Anymore Lathrop 232Chris Garber-Slaght FUNctional Art - Transforming Math Functions to Create Pictures on Graphing Calculators Ryan 219/220Ellen Piekarski Go Low and Go High to Maximize Multi-Modality Lessons: Blending low- and high-tech to support diverse learners Lathrop 206Elaine Crawley How to use Study Sync in your MS or HS classroom Lathrop 223Carolyn Jordan Place-based STEM Education in Alaska: Examples from REACH Up (Raising Education Achievement through Cultural Heritage) Lathrop 246Yuri Bult-Ito • Dr. Gerald (JJ) Frost • Sally Kieper • Sam Norlin • Dr. Ken Tape Voices from the Spill: Integrating Alaska History with Oil Spill Science Lathrop 247Lisa Matlock We the People - Extending the Hearing Process Ryan 210Maida Buckley • Amy Gallaway CPR in schools Ryan Mat RoomSunni Danielowski Marker Mystery Lab - Basic forensics for the tweens Lathrop 214Catherine Kershner CHAMPS A Proactive & Positive Approach to Classroom Management Lathrop 156Georgia Sandgren Ethical Decision Making For The Professional Counselor Lathrop 108Samantha McMorrow Making sense of Math- Reasoning and Discourse from Math Solutions - Part 2 Ryan 221Cheryl Johnson Putting the Pieces Together for Educational Leaders Lathrop 203Scott Johns • Jim Lewis • Bob Williams

2:00pm AKDT

2:30pm AKDT

2:45pm AKDT

3:00pm AKDT

3:15pm AKDT

Launching an Elementary STEM Program Lathrop Rm 172Kim Stilwell Beyond the Basics with GradeCam: Standards, Number Grid, Credit Form & More! Lathrop 155Gail O'Malley (GradeCam) Digital Discussion: Micro-writing across the day to foster communication and critical thinking Hering AuditorumKristin Ziemke Engage Me! Lathrop GymCrissy Lauterbach RethinkEd Advanced for Teachers Ryan 112Pat Turner Talk, Question and Personalize through Artful Thinking Ryan 439Jenifer Cameron Talk, Question and Personalize through Artful Thinking Ryan 440Jenifer Cameron Using Resources to help Personalize Learning Ryan 210Charles Dorrel • Cathleen Edwards • Jayme Gafford • April Scott The PE Specialist-for Elementary PE Lathrop 218Colton Growden Exponential Potential! Cultivating STEM Identity in Elementary Classrooms Lathrop 206Julie Wild Curry • Courtney Havrilek Arrr! It's /R/ Therapy, Part 2 Lathrop 240Kate Hall Grading Without Percentages: A Long-Term Rubric Approach Ryan 211/212Tara DeVaughn • Angela Grorud Incorporating the Pedagogy of Debating into Any Classroom Ryan 121Steven Johnson STEM- Understanding an e-motor and build one Lathrop 215Ute Kaden What is Reliable Information? Ryan 219/220Gwynne Ellen Ash 21st Century Career and Workforce Development Lathrop 201Scott Warren Exciting Exponential Explorations Lathrop 217Darrell Trussell How to improve your students´intercultural and literacy skills-Bringing `Tschick`into your classroom Ryan 119/120natascha Milde Once upon a STEM Tale Lathrop 216Kim Ivie

3:30pm AKDT

COLLABORATION CAFE: CRITICAL THINKERS/PROBLEM SOLVERSLIMITED Ryan CommonsElizabeth Alexander • Education Elements COLLABORATION CAFE: INQUIRY/EXPLORATION/INVESTIGATIONLIMITED Ryan CommonsJennifer Lempp • Education Elements COLLABORATION CAFE: PERSONALIZED LEARNINGLIMITED Ryan CommonsScott Johns • Education Elements COLLABORATION CAFE: PERSONALIZED LEARNINGLIMITED Ryan CommonsDr. Juli Dixon, Alex and Jessica Dixon • Education Elements COLLABORATION CAFE: TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATIONFULL Ryan CommonsMisha Gelvin • Education Elements TimeClock Plus (TCP) Training for Fairbanks SPED related Classified Staff Lathrop Mat RoomKathy Port Setup and Use Canvas in 1 Hour Lathrop 153Africa Beaty • Christina Hum Alaska Farm to School Program - Growing Opportunities in the Last Frontier Lathrop 200Jodie Anderson Classcraft: A Gamification Approach to Classroom Management, Learning Management Systems, & Personal Learning Lathrop 205Coby Haas FNSBSD Personalized Learning Panel Ryan LibrarySandra Boyle • Joanna Mackey • Julie McHenry • Stephanie Richardson • Karma Roth Pearson Realize Training - Advanced Session Ryan 37Glenn Gordon Using Personality Styles to Manage a Classroom Lathrop 224Jethro Jones Picture This: Through The Lens of The Caldecott Committee Lathrop Rm 171Pat Scales A Community-School Partnership that Supports Place-Based STEM Education Lathrop 225Marilyn Sigman The Powerful Reading Vitamin: Boosting Comprehension with Reciprocal Teaching Lathrop LibraryLori Oczkus Using Dog Mushing as a Teaching Tool Ryan 118Aliy Zirkle Jump Rope for Heart - American Heart Assoc. Ryan Mat RoomSunni Danielowski Social Studies and Literacy: the Peanut Butter and Jelly of your Elementary Classroom Lathrop 226Anne Susen Upside Down Learning and enVision Math Lathrop 227Shannon Trizzino Making math fun with GeoGebra Lathrop 233Kristina Roehrig Meeting Alaska’s Education Challenge Digitally: An Online Path for EVERY Student EVERY day Lathrop 109Elaine Crawley Global Competence-A Critical Imperative Lathrop 232Liz Sacco How do geese shape the landscape? Integrating research data into classroom climate change studies. Lathrop 103Andrea Pokrzywinski Partners in Science Program for High School Science Teachers Lathrop 104Kris Stone Growth Mindset: Encouraging Grit and Positive Thinking Lathrop 107Patty Brown Eye the Prize Lathrop 105Denise McDowell STEM Investigations with Young Children Lathrop 207Jennifer Thompson

4:00pm AKDT

4:30pm AKDT

5:30pm AKDT

6:30pm AKDT

7:30pm AKDT


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